Business stationery: Why consistent communication is key.

Dec 23, 2019

We’ve all done it; stood in the office stationery cupboard trying to hunt out the latest version of the company compliment slip, rolling our eyes when a version circa 1986 is the only one we can find! Or perhaps you have found a pack of business cards at the back of a drawer with your old mobile phone number? 

As a graphic design agency, we see many examples of this and for us it’s great to be able to deliver a consistent brand message over a suite of stationery, for our clients. The benefits to your business may not seem obvious – apart from saving lost man-hours in the stationery cupboard – but giving your customers a consistent journey from first point of contact (business card) right through to final transaction (invoice) won’t go unnoticed… 

  • It will set you apart from the competition, and leave a lasting first impression
  • It will present your brand professionally and remind your customers of the excellent service you provide
  • It will allow them to find your contact details quickly or pass them on to peers, knowing the details are up to date and correct
  • It will give them the confidence that you will take as much care with your product or service as you do with your communications

If you want to build trust between your business and its stakeholders then consistent communications are key, and this often starts with business stationery. You may not make it out of that stationery cupboard any time soon, but at least while you are gone you will be able to promote your brand confidently, knowing colleagues will always be creating the same, consistent, good impression wherever they go and whomever they communicate with.

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